Counseling for Children

Does your son or daughter have trouble regulating emotions?

Perhaps your son has meltdowns on a regular basis. Perhaps your daughter has angry outbursts. Maybe your child has overwhelming anxiety that interferes with daily life. Have you noticed that your child seems sad? Have you wondered where the joy of childhood is for your son or daughter?


Are you at wit’s end with difficult behavior from your child?

Does your son or daughter seem to need to argue about every little thing? Does she test you at every turn? Do you find yourself asking, “Why does this have to be SO HARD ALL THE TIME?” Do you sometimes wonder if you are doing something wrong?


Has your child had a traumatic experience?

Does your child have nightmares, night terrors or trouble sleeping? Is your daughter anxious or fearful? Has trauma significantly changed your son’s personality? Is your child shut-down or acting out? Are you at a loss as to how to comfort or reassure your child? Does it seem that time is not helping to heal the trauma?


Is your child struggling socially?

Are you noticing that he/she does not seem to naturally learn and understand how social interactions work? Maybe your son or daughter seems lonely or unhappy.  Perhaps watching your child navigate friendships and peer interactions is painful for you.


Perhaps, even though you love your child—you find yourself struggling to enjoy him or her?

Maybe you feel guilty or worried or wonder why this particular child seems to cause you so much grief and take so much energy? Perhaps this child consumes most of the time, energy and resources in the family.


We will partner with you to improve the emotional health of your child.

Our experienced and skilled child counselors will get to know your child by entering his or her world, through play. Our play therapists utilize imagination and art and story telling to develop a warm and trusting relationship with your son or daughter. Our child counselors have extensive experience working with children from all sorts of backgrounds, experiencing challenges and difficulties in all areas of life.


Give us a call today and speak with one of our experienced child counselors. A free phone consultation will help decide if we are a good fit for you, your child and your family.