Relationship Counseling for One

Men and women often have different experiences in relationships.

Men often report:

You are confused about your anger.

You find yourself alone, other than family and co-workers; you do not have close friends. Perhaps you are drinking more than you should, feeling irritable and impatient most of the time—getting angry quickly over little things.

Your sex life is unsatisfactory.

Maybe you wish you and your partner has sex more regularly, even as you find yourself turning to porn more and more often.

You hate conflict.

You might find it difficult to access your feelings and you shut down when your partner is upset with you—avoiding conflict because you don’t know how to fix it.

 Therapy offers you a safe place to work at figuring all this out. Without judgment, we can explore the patterns in your life that are keeping you unhappy or numb. Using kindness and humor we can work with you to develop insight into your life and relationships.


At your first session you will discuss with your therapist what is happening in your life right now and what is keeping you from living the life you want to live. You can decide if you feel comfortable with your therapist and if you do—the two of you can work together to set goals and improve your life.

Women often report:

You feel alone.

You may be in a relationship—but somehow it still feels as though you are on your own. You keep trying but your interactions with your partner go badly—no matter how many different ways you try to approach.

You are worn out.

It feels as though the whole world depends on you and you are running on empty. Maybe you feel as though you have lost yourself. You are taking care of everyone else and somehow you have gotten lost in the process.

You’ve lost your confidence, your passion and your dreams.

Perhaps you feel anxious or depressed. You are confused about your relationship and feel disconnected from your partner. You feel burnt out.

Maybe you have broken up with yet another partner and it feels like the same pattern in your life—hopeful at a new relationship possibility only to be disappointed, yet again.

You are managing the best you know how but it is no longer working for you. You are struggling alone, with the exhausting emotions that come from being in important relationships with others and the heavy expectations on women to be all things to all people.

Therapy offers a safe place to figure out some of these hard things. With guided support, insight, kindness and humor you and your therapist work together to identify the things that are keeping you from living the life you desire.

Together you can figure out how to restore your self-confidence and your sense of self. Maybe you need to get clear about your romantic relationship and discover how to reconnect with your partner.

Perhaps you have past hurts or traumas that you can no longer ignore. Therapy is a safe and supportive place to work through those hurts so they no longer haunt you.

You and your therapist can work together to get your life back—rediscover your passions and dreams, make time for your interests and goals and overall feel more empowered in your life.

At your first session you will get to know each other and identify what is keeping you from living a life of joy and happiness.