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Hold Me Tight
A workshop for couples


-Do you want to restore commitment and hope in your relationship?

-Would you like to rekindle the excitement and passion you once felt?

-Would you like to learn to communicate in ways that promote better understanding, closeness and connection?

-Would you like to make sense of your own as well as your partner's emotions? (or lack or emotions?)

-Would you like to decrease conflict and negative emotions?

-Would you like to decrease isolation, distance and loneliness?

-Do you need to rebuild safety and trust after a betrayal?

-Do you need to forgive injuries that keep you from completely trusting your partner?

-Would you like to feel like your partner is more accessible, responsive and emotionally engaged with you?


Why Hold Me Tight   ?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this workshop can help!

  • Change negative interaction patterns

  • Affirm strengths in your relationship

  • Deepen emotional and physical intimacy

  • Understand emotions more clearly

  • Recognize underlying reasons for conflict

  • Forgive injuries and old hurts

  • Manage negative emotion

  • Restore commitment and hope

  • Repair and reestablish trust

  • Rekindle love and affection

At our workshop, you will learn to:

-Engaging presentations, video demonstrations of other real life couples, and the opportunity for many private exercises

 and conversations with your partner.

-A Hold Me Tight® workbook full of information and exercises to guide practice and deepen your emotional connection at     home

-Presenters are available for personal support and guidance as needed.

-Fruit, coffee, tea and light snacks will be provided throughout the day. 

What does this two day workshop include?
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Workshop Presenters

Amy Prieb-0014.jpg

Amy Prieb, LMFT


Joshua Prieb

-Amy and Josh were introduced to Hold Me Tight® and the work of Dr. Sue Johnson when they attended a weekend workshop in 2015. Neither of them knew what to expect and were quite nervous going in.  They found the experience to be transformative in their marriage. It had such an impact on Amy that she decided right then and there to start training in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) to help the couples and individuals she works with in private practice as a Marriage & Family Therapist.

Restoring Connections Counseling Center is excited to be bringing this fun, practical and pro-active workshop to all sorts of couples in committed relationships who want to restore, renew and refocus on their relationship. Amy and Josh are excited to welcome you to the adventure of a Hold Me Tight® workshop!

(RCCC often welcomes guest speakers at our workshops. Guest speakers vary depending on availability. 


Keri Wallace, LMHC

-Keri Wallace is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who has extensive experience working with family relationships of all kinds. While Keri has always used attachment theory in her therapeutic work, attending a Hold Me Tight®  workshop with her own partner was transformative for her marriage and introduced her to Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). Keri's own experience sold her on EFT as a therapy modality, and she was especially attracted to how clearly Hold Me Tight® lays out a roadmap for secure attachment for couples in any stage of relationship without blame or pathology. Keri has recently completed a week-long externship in EFT and is excited to be incorporating these principles into her work with clients.

-Workshop was fantastic. I was really feeling pretty hopeless and losing optimism but am now reassured we are not at the end of our rope.  –A


-As a male I was terrified it would be all about my shortcomings. It wasn’t. It was mutually enlightening for my wife and myself. –D


-Gracious, safe, funny, accessible and real. Useful for everyday and problem areas. Thank you! –A


-We were both nervous going into this workshop not knowing what to expect but my spouse and I both knew something like this would be good for our relationship. We appreciated that we were never put on the spot and were never forced to share but had the opportunity to ask questions and/or share if we wanted to. In the end, we both now feel more emotionally connected to one another than we have in years and neither of us can grasp how so much can change in just a weekend.  We feel the exercises reached an intense depth in such a positive and healthy way.  The Hold Me Tight Workshop is a great way to start these healthy and much needed deep conversations to bring a relationship back to the strength and fire it started out with.  I feel like my spouse and I fell back in love all over again from the core rather than just on the surface like daily life pushes you into after a long period of time together. I would recommend this workshop to any couple with very minor all the way to extremely major relationship distress and I wish we would have done this workshop immediately after the “honeymoon stage” was over so we had these tools and this knowledge earlier on in our relationship.  We both look forward to using these tools to continue to strengthen our marriage and relight that fire that once burned so strong and I have no doubt we will get there after this. 


Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

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Testimonials from workshop attendees

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The Hold Me Tight® Workshop was developed by Dr. Sue Johnson and is designed around seven conversations based on the Hold Me Tight book, all of which have been shown to be essential to successful relations.  You will learn how to understand and improve your relationship through presentations by the workshop leaders, private exercises and conversations with your partner and by watching video demonstrations of other couples.