Frequently Asked Questions & Fees

Where are you located?

We are in Bellingham. We offer both in-person and virtual sessions.


What is your cancellation policy?

If you are unable to attend a session, please make sure you cancel at least 24 hours beforehand. Otherwise, you may be charged the full session rate.



What are your rates?

Amy Prieb, LMFT Rates

  • 50 minute individual session - $195

  • 75 minute individual session - $295

  • 60 minute couples session - $225

  • 90 minute couples session - $325

  • 90 minute family session - $325

Do you take insurance?

Couples therapy is often not covered by insurance. The relationship is the client and a relationship cannot be given a mental health diagnosis.


Individual and family therapy are covered by some insurance policies. We do not bill insurance, however, many of my individual and family clients seek reimbursement on their own. (They call their insurance companies directly to find out about their particular coverage for an “out of network” provider.) We are happy to provide a “super bill” that contains the necessary information if requested.


Please be advised that insurance requires the treatment to be “medically necessary.” This means that we have to diagnose you with a mental health disorder and explain how this disorder is causing “functional impairment in your life.” Some people find this intrusive and are uncomfortable having this type of information be provided to an insurance company. Relationship problems often do not include a mental health disorder. Seeking treatment before these problems become a medical diagnosis is a healthy way to approach life!


How do I pay?

We accept cash, credit and debit cards, HSA cards, FSA cards.


How long does couples therapy take?

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is a specific type of therapy that consists of three distinct stages. Stage One: Deescalating Conflict. Stage Two: Change Events and Stage Three: Consolidation. Every couple has a different experience and will proceed through these stages at their own pace. The couple and the therapist talk about where they are in the stages all throughout the therapy process.


How long does individual therapy take?

Our goal is for each client to set therapy goals, reach those goals and then move on to a healthier and more satisfying life. Of course, this process is different for every individual depending on what the goal is, how committed an individual is to making changes and the therapeutic process and each individual's personality, background and a number of other factors. We consider it a job well done when a client reaches his or her goals and we agree therapy is no longer necessary.


Who knows what we talk about:

One of the most important aspects of counseling is confidentiality. Other than safety considerations, everything that is talked about in counseling is confidential between client and therapist. (This is one of the reasons we do not bill insurance. We do not ever want to have to disclose to an insurance company any part of our sessions.)


Who gets counseling?

All kinds of people get counseling. We’ve had many clients say to us, “I wasn’t sure about counseling because I thought only really emotionally disturbed people get counseling.” This is simply not the case! Many “normal” functioning individuals find counseling helpful because life is hard, at times, for everyone. Most people, at one time or another, find themselves stuck in a negative cycle in a relationship, experiencing depression or anxiety, or unhappy with the quality of their relationships with loved ones, or feeling ready to make changes in their life and not feeling too sure how to do that.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Call us at 360-399-6868

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