Families with Teens

Parenting teens. Fun? Sometimes. Confusing? Exhausting? Scary? Probably!

Teens are all different. So whether you are parenting your first teen, or maybe you have teen parenting experience—kids are individuals and you may be finding that what worked with one simply isn’t working with this teen.

Your relationship may be suffering. You may find yourself worried sick about your teen’s mood swings, silence, grades, friends, and substance use or screen addiction.

You feel lost, not sure how to make things better.

You might find yourself frustrated and irritated. Why can’t things just be simple? Why is it so hard to talk to this child? Why does your teen seem to be disgusted by you or want nothing to do with you?

You are not alone.

Our clinicians have worked with many teens and parents and every single family has expressed the same basic idea:

The teen says, “I wish my parents were more involved in my life but they don’t really care. I wish I could talk to them but I can’t. They don’t understand.”

The parents say, “We wish we could be more involved in our teen’s life, but she won’t let us. She doesn’t want to have anything to do with us. When we try to talk to her she rolls her eyes or argues or shuts herself up in her room.”

Therapy can help!

Let us help bridge this gap! At RCCC we use attachment theory, specifically Emotionally Focused Family Therapy, focusing on getting to the heart of the matter. Collectively, we have extensive experience as family therapists, and can help cut through the noise of mixed messages, eye rolling, defensiveness, arguing and frustration.

Together we will decide if family therapy or individual therapy with your teen is the best approach. We may utilize a combination of family, parent and individual sessions to accomplish the goal of decreasing the frustration and reactivity in the family and increasing warmth, understanding, collaboration and support between parent and teen.

Call for a phone consultation today and let’s decide together if family therapy can help you and your teen improve your relationship and your family life.