What is Neurofeedback?

    Think of your brain as a race car, capable of incredible performance.  Now imagine a driver behind the wheel who does not know how to properly shift gears.  It is for this reason that people find their brain encumbered by problems.

Brainwave training teaches the brain to work at its fullest capacity, to switch gears as needed for the task at hand.

How may Neurofeedback help me?

Since the brain is the master regulator, most people will enjoy benefits from neurofeedback depending on their objectives.  The most common applications for it are:

  • Depression                                  

  • Fears

  • Insomnia

  • Anxiety

  • Trauma

  • Stress


  • Autism

  • PTSD

  • Performance

  • Addiction

  • Test Anxiety

  • Increase Energy

  • Meditation

  • Relationships

  • Brain Injury

What is a session like?

Step 1:  We will ask you 90 questions to come up with an individualized protocol.

Step 2Sensors will be put on your ears and scalp.  Nothing goes into your brain.  Sensors only pick up electrical activity coming from your brain.

Step 3:  Watch morphing fractal images created from your brain activity and be mindful of the graphs for 25-30 minutes.

Everyone is unique and so is your brain.  Every one of your thoughts and feelings creates a unique signal that manipulates the images on the screen.  As your brain creates new images it is given information on how it operates, which in turn teaches the organ how to function more effectively.

How many sessions do I need?

Generally people notice improvements within the first 5-8 sessions.  For longer lasting and often permanent results 20-30 sessions are recommended.



What is Neurofeedback?

BrainPaint and Addictions


    -BrainPaint works! I am a physician and have been fascinated by breakthroughs in this easily applied, evidenced based, neurofeedback. Based on vast research by Bill Scott and others, Josh tailors this sophisticated and easy to experience neurofeedback to each individual client. After just a few sessions, I could feel a very positive shift in several aspects of my behavior and interactions. Many of those close to me remarked about: Near disappearance of ADHD, lessened distraction tendencies with digital devices and media, the elimination “short fuse” reactivity to loved ones, and improved sleep and dreams. My wife and children continue to remark about these changes, seeing “a huge difference in you, Dad!” I would most highly recommend Josh Prieb and this therapy for the many evidence based indications that BrainPaint covers.

      -I recently started the BrainPaint program this past winter and I have been extremely encouraged by the difference it has made with how I feel mentally, emotionally, and overall with how I’m processing conflict that comes within my day to day. As an RN, BSN, I’ve always had a deep respect for what I’ve learned regarding neurofeedback in helping in regards to PTSD, anxiety, and depression in particular for various patients I’ve had, but it was a whole new appreciation once I noticed the difference in how I was feeling personally after just the 3rd session of BrainPaint. It has helped in particular with past trauma and reactivity to certain triggers that often come up, and just after the first week I was already noticing a big difference in feeling calmer and more at peace during those moments where panic once would come up. 
I highly recommend!

-K.W., RN, BSN.