About Us


Why counseling?


Are you dissatisfied with the relationships in your life? Are you in a committed relationship but feel a distance or disconnection from your partner? Are you experiencing anxiety or depression that leaves you unable to form the meaningful relationships you long to have?

Are you the parent of a child who is struggling? Are you feeling lost or discouraged about how to help your child?


Are you a single person struggling to form deep relationships with others? Are you feeling ambivalent about life, your career or having trouble making decisions?


Are you the parents or guardians of a teen, feeling frustrated and worn out from conflict? Maybe communication with your teen consists of arguments, silence or one-word answers.




What to expect


People seek therapy because they want more out of life. They are uncomfortable or even in emotional or psychological pain.  People seeking therapy want relief—they are looking for a more satisfying and joyful existence.


We are here to guide couples, children, teens, individuals and families to a more satisfying life. We are here to facilitate greater connection, understanding and momentum toward the relationships and life people long for.


Getting started is the hard part. If it were easy, you would have done it by now! Often, the most difficult part is getting the momentum started. Picking up that phone and making the call is, many times, the biggest hurdle.